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The process is finished when you receive an e-mail confirming the submission. In case you don't receive the e-mail please contact the conference secretariat.
Payment Options

If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please be aware that if you are not already registered with Paypal, it can take up to 5 working days for their system to allow a new member to send sums of money in excess of 500 (euros).

Payment using Paypal
This is the prefered method of payment. This method of payment will allow you during the registration process to automatically pay for your registration fees, and to have your registration confirmed immediately by our system. This is also the cheapest mean of payment to you, as you are charged only for the registration fee. Please choose the Paypal option if you want to pay using a credit card such as VISA or American Express. Paypal payments use the highest level of encryption available and are completely safe.
When, in our system you choose "Paypal Payment", the system will redirect you to the paypal website, where you can have access to your shopping cart. Once you complete your payment, the paypal webpage will show you a button that allows you to return to our system entitled "Return to Merchant". Only when you press it our system will acknowledge that the payment was made. If by any reason you don't press this button, the registration will be pending until you contact us and we can manually acknowledge that the payment was indeed received.

Payment by Bank Transfer
Please send us the bank transfer confirmation document by fax (+44 203 014 5436) or e-mail ([email protected]) to assure the proper identification of the payment. Until we receive the document the registration will be considered incomplete. Please take note, that while ordering the bank transfer you must order it "Without costs to the beneficiary (OUR)", which means that besides the registration fee, depending on your bank location, you will also have to pay an international transfer fee.

Payment by Cheque
We strongly discourage this method of payment, although if it's the only one available, please be aware that there is a cheque processing fee, which is added to the registration options you have chosen in case you select this payment method. If you do choose to pay by cheque, you must send the cheque to the INSTICC address by a traceable courrier (UPS, DHL or other), and the tracking number must be sent to us by e-mail to the secretariat account ([email protected]) within 2 days after you finish the registration.
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